Our Values, Our Culture


We are a family business born almost 30 years ago in Cordoba State. We are fully dedicated to Agriculture, working all along the Supply Chain. From selling inputs for farming, offering Warehousing and crop sales services to farming, processing and exporting seeds, grains, pulses and other special crops.

Since our beginning, we have been based our growth in constant innovation in Sustainable Agriculture, taking care of the Environment and with a total commitment to our communities.

We strongly believe in creating value in every relationship and we are able to grow through the complete development of the people involved with Tecnocampo.

We promote the creation of collaborative networks that bring sustainability.


To be recognized globally as a dynamic and innovative company, leader in sustainable agroindustrial production.


Produce and offer high quality agroindustrial goods and services, creating value, promoting social development and taking care of the environment.


We are trustworthy, we work in a responsible, honest and transparent way.

We promote team work and productive relationships based in respect, communication and trust.

We are fully committed to our work, our communities and the environment.


In accordance with our Vission, Mission and values:

We assure the quality of our products and services, satisfying all the requirements of our customers, taking into account their needs and expectations.

We obey the law, regulations and established standards.

We guarantee the production of innocuous, legal and authentic products, through effective process control as disposed in the Tecnocampo´s Quality Management System.

We promote the complete development of all the people related to Tecnocampo.

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We are a group of people with shared interests and values.

We create work environments where each member can grow personal and professionally.

All our team is engaged to continuous improvement in all our processes to allow the company to accomplish its goals.

We try to find a balance between work and family life, in order to contribute to a better society and better world.

Yamila, Administración Pago a Proveedores

Can you describe the work environment in Tecnocampo?

We all come to work in a great mood and we get along very well. If some of us has a problem at work or in personal life, we can talk about it and try to solve it together with the team.

We work comfortably and in my position I can interact with all the rest of the areas. In all teams you can find good relationships, great predisposition to collaborate and coordination in teams work.

Cecilia, Laboratorista

What have you learnt in Tecnocampo?

In Tecnocampo I have learnt to work in teams, and gaining experience in a prestigious company, working in different activities.

We have great team mates who are great people and are always willing to help.

There are moments with adrenaline what make our days more interesting.

I feel very comfortable, happy, it is very nice to work in Tecno.

Hector, Operario Planta de Procesamiento

How do you feel about working in Tecnocampo?

It feels good to work here, there is a very nice work environment and we all push together so that the company does well.

I have great team mates, excellent people to share and enjoy work.

We are moved to learn about everything, it is a great experience.

There are many goals to achieve.

Pablo, Administración

What is your experience working in Tecnocampo?

Working in Tecnocampo is a very gratifying experience for me, I feel very lucky to be a part of this team.

I am convinced that Tecnocampo community is formed by excellent people, very humane and committed to their work.

As an experience, it gave me the opportunity to grow professionally and as a person and I really appreciate to have a chance to be a witness of the great grow that Tecnocampo makes every day.


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We are part of different Institutions, Chambers and Foundations related to our activity, promoting an Exchange of knowledge and creating bonds and working for sustainable development.

We do an on-going mentoring and support to Banco de Alimentos de Córdoba through different campaigns, events, and donations of the food we produce, where we participate together with our team, our customers and suppliers.


Our Social Investment is mainly focused on Education and Food.

We encourage education as a vehicle for new opportunities and development and we donate food in order to help the members of our community that are in need.

We participate in the programs “Programa Enlazar” and “Programa Liderazgo Educativo de Córdoba Mejora”.

Graduation – Teachers, Cordoba Mejora.

Programa Enlazar – Cordoba Mejora

We constantly support Fundación Banco de Alimentos de Cordoba, through Campaigns, Charity Events and Donatios of our productos, where our team members, customers and suppliers are also involved

Closing Breakfast 2019

Annual Milk Collection 2019

Annual Milk Collection 2018

We support proyects and events organized by institutions that work in our influence area.


We constantly work with the different campaigns of Asociación Cooperativa Hospital Infantil.

Maratón Tapitas Hospital Infantil

Maratón Tapitas Hospital Infantil


We cooperate with Soap kitchen close to our working places.

Three Wise Man Campaign 2020

Three Wise Man Campaign 2020

Three Wise Man Campaign 2020


We participate in Seminars and Internships of Public and Rural Schools of our area.

Head Office in Monte Cristo

Testimony in Agrotechnical School in Monte Cristo

Processing Plant Rio Primero

Head Office in Monte Cristo


Ruta 19 – Km 316
Monte Cristo (X5125CGG)
Córdoba, Argentina
Tel. +54 351 – 491 7125


Juan B. Alberdi 595
Pilar (X5972)
Córdoba, Argentina
Tel. +54 3572 – 472 415


Ruta 13 – Km 52
Luque (X5967)
Córdoba, Argentina
Tel. +54 9 351 – 766 8080


Ruta 20 esq. Carlos Gardel
Villa Dolores (X5870)
Córdoba, Argentina
Tel. +54 3544 – 427 220


Ruta Nac. 19 – Km 283
Río Primero (X5127)
Córdoba, Argentina